Monday, 19 May 2014

Pentagon Paying High for "Green Jet Fuel" in an Endeavor to Promote It

$2.88/gal is the price for conventional jet fuels which is far lower compared to that of alternative jet fuels. However, it seems like Federal agencies have made it a priority to use substitute jet fuel derived from algae oil in order to promote biofuels. As per the report issued by The Government Accountability Office (GAO), a Pentagon official payed around $150/gal. for a massive 1500 gallons of substitute jet fuel sourced from algae oil.

At present, the military budget is undergoing scrutiny to reduce it considerably. The biofuels promotion strategy of federal agencies is clear from the fact that they are focusing more on the funding required for the development & purchase of substitute green fuels. These “costly green fuels” would be used in commercial & military aviation for military aircraft, ships and ground vehicles. However, it must be understood that rather than allocating funds for the expensive alternative green fuel, its a lot wiser to focus on military projects that actually ensure safety & security of the US.

This is the actual scenario of energy in our nation at present which is a bit worrisome. If you want to know more on the energy phase we are going through, you can read the book on renewable energy "Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan". Authored by Brad Linscott, this renewable energy sources book explains details about the energy subject as a whole. In this book, you will discover aspects of renewable energy, that are not available in other books on energy available nowadays.

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