Wednesday, 16 July 2014

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Conventional electric power plants have proven it time and again that they provide more economical energy compared to the wind turbines. Due to the irregularity in the pattern of wind flow, energy output from wind turbines is fluctuating in nature. Due to these fluctuations, there may be disruption in the electric grid that can be avoided only by making certain grid modifications. No doubt, these modifications are quite costly and so accordingly the generated electricity becomes expensive as well. It further leads to rise in electricity bills which is a heavy burden for the consumers.

When the whole picture about the efficiency of wind turbines is quite clear, we never know why the government policies are still in favor of promoting wind turbines. Every year, the US DOE amazingly spends several millions of dollars on the research & development of these wind turbines. Is such heavy expenditure on wind turbines justified when DOE itself reports that wind farms are going through 20-30% decrease in energy generating efficiency ?

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"Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan" is an alternative energy book written by Brad Linscott. In this book, you will find a nice, balanced assessment of the energy generated by wind turbines. After reading this solar energy book, you will come to know various aspects related to renewable energy and the effects of its large scale implementation. If you want to get a copy of this book, all you need to do is to go online and purchase it from Amazon or Tate Publishers.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Nuclear Power To Play a Crucial Role in Our Energy Future

Our energy requirements are increasing with every passing day and so are the prices of fossil fuels. We need a reliable source of energy that not just meets our energy needs but also is environment friendly & less expensive. Nuclear power has the capability to play a crucial role in our future energy scene. Countries across the globe have agreed to the fact that nuclear power plants can provide the energy meeting our requirements.

Its only the US DOE that contradicts this fact owing to its special interest & faith in renewable energy. The US DOE must learn something from the example of UAE where nuclear power is being considered crucial for a number of good reasons. Some of these reasons include energy independence, enhanced energy security, decreased global warming etc.

You will be amazed to know that about 80% population in the UAE considers nuclear energy crucial for meeting the nation's energy needs. This public support has also fueled the decision for UAE to go for nuclear. Nuclear power does have issues related to safety, environment and pricing. But those can be handled well provided we are able to derive the expected electrical energy from nuclear power systems.

Wind & solar energy can never give any sort of competition to nuclear energy, whether its in regard to the baseline energy production or the economy. Author Brad Linscott has discussed several such aspects related to energy in his book - Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan. You can find answers to all of your questions related to your energy future by reading this renewable energy data book that is simply different & more informative than the biofuel, wind turbines books available in market.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The US DOE Providing Subsidies to Investors for Promoting Renewable Energy Systems

The US DOE has been constantly favoring renewable energy systems and that is evident from the huge amount requested by it for funding such programs. If we analyze the funding figures as requested by the DOE for renewable programs, we can easily make out the real intent of DOE. As per reports, in the FY2013, DOE requested $270 million for Biomass and Bio-refinery Systems, $310 million for Solar Energy Technologies Program while $95 million was requested for the Wind Energy Program.

Besides the million dollar expenditures as mentioned above, billions of our tax dollars are being spent for the purpose of subsidizing the renewables. Subsidies are being made available to investors in the form of government guaranteed loans while tax incentives are being provided for purchase & installation of solar and wind farms. Our tax dollars are being gifted to these investors for promoting the renewable energy based system of electricity production.

Its also reported that several wind turbines are being purchased from other countries for installation in the US. A big question is about the feasibility of such large scale implementation of the renewable energy systems. Wind, solar energy are not the most efficient in terms of providing the electric energy meeting our requirements. The DOE will need to learn this fact very soon to avoid wasting the taxpayer's money.

You can get a detailed description about all this in the alternative energy book "Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan". Written by Brad Linscott, this solar energy book makes the common men aware about the ineffectiveness of the current energy policies of the DOE. You can get this book from Amazon.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

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Over the years, the demand & price of corn has increased considerably. Increased price of corn has made the food industry and restaurant industries unhappy while the corn farmers feel quite glad about it. In 2007, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) imposed a mandate that requires using a fixed amount of ethanol as additive to gasoline. This is the reason cited for the increased demand for corn. In the year 2013, the amount of ethanol produced from corn totaled to 13.8 billion gallons.

As per the current situation, the EPA has proposed a reduction in the ethanol produced. Two reasons are mainly responsible for this. Firstly, gasoline consumption has reduced over the past few years due to increased automotive fuel economy and more number of unemployed workers. While gasoline consumption has reduced, the ethanol quantity being added to gasoline remains the same at 10%. Secondly, the mandate for more amount of ethanol produced every year is another reason for it.

If you want to explore the need for biofuels and their contribution to a cleaner & healthier environment, you can take a look at the book "Renewable Energy : A Common Sense Energy Plan". Written by eminent author Brad Linscott, this book includes info that you will not find in any other biofuels books or nuclear books. Before deciding on the future requirement of biofuel, you need to go through the biofuels chapter given in this book. You can get the book from Amazon or from the site of Tate Publishers by paying a nominal price.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Pentagon Paying High for "Green Jet Fuel" in an Endeavor to Promote It

$2.88/gal is the price for conventional jet fuels which is far lower compared to that of alternative jet fuels. However, it seems like Federal agencies have made it a priority to use substitute jet fuel derived from algae oil in order to promote biofuels. As per the report issued by The Government Accountability Office (GAO), a Pentagon official payed around $150/gal. for a massive 1500 gallons of substitute jet fuel sourced from algae oil.

At present, the military budget is undergoing scrutiny to reduce it considerably. The biofuels promotion strategy of federal agencies is clear from the fact that they are focusing more on the funding required for the development & purchase of substitute green fuels. These “costly green fuels” would be used in commercial & military aviation for military aircraft, ships and ground vehicles. However, it must be understood that rather than allocating funds for the expensive alternative green fuel, its a lot wiser to focus on military projects that actually ensure safety & security of the US.

This is the actual scenario of energy in our nation at present which is a bit worrisome. If you want to know more on the energy phase we are going through, you can read the book on renewable energy "Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan". Authored by Brad Linscott, this renewable energy sources book explains details about the energy subject as a whole. In this book, you will discover aspects of renewable energy, that are not available in other books on energy available nowadays.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Wind Turbines Not Competent Enough to Meet Our Energy Requirements

Energy experts across the globe agree to the fact that renewable energy sources like wind energy, solar energy etc., are not sufficient to cater to our soaring energy requirements. In contrast to the views of these energy experts, the US DOE has some special plans for making the most out of renewable energy. Various activities conducted by the US DOE in this regard validates this fact. We can never know what the US Government has found so impressive & promising in these energy sources that are actually not capable of meeting our energy needs.

Wind energy may be considered a clean source of energy but it also has a set of drawbacks associated with it. Firstly, the energy obtained from wind turbines is fluctuating and so it cannot be considered a constant source of energy production. Also, there is considerable investment required for the installation of wind turbines that makes their operation uneconomical. Moreover, these wind farms pose safety threats for small size aircraft. The turbulence generated by wind turbines is a potential safety hazard for any aircraft flying near wind farms.

If you want to have more info on this subject, you need to get a book for the same. All crucial aspects related with the use of renewable energy have been explained in the alternative energy book "Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan". Authored by Brad Linscott, this book covers all aspects related to wide-scale implementation of renewable energy like wind energy, solar energy etc. In this book, you will find a complete overview of the feasibility of large scale implementation of wind turbines that is hard to find in the wind turbines books available nowadays.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Famous Author Discusses the Sensible Energy Plan to Attain Energy Independence

Our energy requirements are reaching a new high with every passing day, thereby forcing us to look for better ways to get the required energy. Import of foreign oil indicates that we are still not energy independent as we should have been a long time ago only if the US DOE devised effective energy policies. The US DOE thinks a bit narrow as compared to the DOE in other countries across the globe when it comes to formulating an effective energy plan for countering the energy crisis situation.

Over the years, the US Government has shown deep interest in promoting renewable energy, a form of energy that they consider quite vital for attaining energy independence. As an endeavor for its promotion, the Government has funded different projects for wind farms and solar energy. It may seem a wise and ethical decision for the Government to use the taxpayers money for funding such projects, but actually its not a decision worthy enough to welcome.

A renewable energy data book named "Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan", provides detailed info about the current energy scenario in the US. Authored by Brad Linscott, this unique book on renewable energy covers all the aspects related to use of renewable energy. Brad has expertly given a lot of details related to energy in this book using his forty years of industrial experience. He has also discussed about the common sense energy plan that can help the US attain its aim of being an energy independent nation in coming future.