Monday, 31 March 2014

A Unique Renewable Energy Book Available Online

It has become quite clear that wind turbines are inefficient to repay the value invested in their installation. If not completely inefficient, these wind turbines would take hundreds of years to achieve the remarkable feat of repaying the invested value. However, in an effort to implement the formulated renewable energy plans, the US Department of Energy has invested several thousands of dollars on these renewable energy production units. Electricity output from wind turbines does not meet or even get close to the expected figures of energy production.

This is not just the case with wind power operated plants. Even solar energy is not keeping pace with the expected energy requirements. So, does that imply that renewable energy sources are almost inefficient to cater to growing energy requirements? A book on renewable energy "Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan" covers the different aspects linked with the use of renewable energy. Authored by Brad Linscott, this book is quite different from the wind energy books, biofuels books available in the market.

This renewable energy data book includes informative content to educate people about the energy crisis we are going through. You will also find description of the efforts made by the US Department of Energy to counter the energy crisis situation. Comparisons between fossil fuels, nuclear and renewable energy sources have also been made in this solar energy data book. This book will serve as the one stop solution for all of your requirements related to genuine info on renewable energy. You can place an order for the book by going online.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

A Best Selling Book on Renewable Energy Written by Expert Author

Brad Linscott's renewable energy data book “Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan”gives an excellent understanding to the users about renewable energy sources like wind, biofuels, hydro-power solar, and geothermal energy. This unique book on renewable energy provides loads of info about the renewable energy concept that is not available in wind energy books, biofuels books available in market these days.

In his renewable energy data book, Brad also explains the better energy options for the citizens of the US. Brad had to conduct exhaustive research for framing the content of this book. A lot of facts related to renewable energy given in the book may even take you by surprise. During his research work, Brad also devised a five-point energy plan that could have been implemented easily by Government administrations.

Brad's focus was solely on getting the sustainable energy model that would set us free from depending on foreign oil imports while preserving the environment at the same time. Using his 40 years of Aerospace engineering experience, Brad also formulated a comprehensive energy plan for the future. He has explained the complicated energy topic in such a manner that allows readers easily know about the energy crisis that we face today.

The author stresses on changing the current energy policy as the US DOE has simply narrowed focus on renewable energy which is not a good sign in terms of economy & efficiency. You can purchase this book from the online retailer Amazon or can even visit the site of Tate Publishers to get a copy of the same.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Get Renewable Energy Data Book Written by Expert Author

Will over-reliance on the renewable energy sources prove to be a beneficial affair for the US ? This is a question that requires serious attention. As an effort to tap the best out of wind and solar energy, the US Department of Energy (DOE) has made specific plans. You can take the wind energy program as an example that is devised to propel the rate of wind power deployment in the US. Besides this, the DOE also considers this plan ideal for promoting national security, attaining better economic growth, improving the quality of environment by reducing greenhouse emissions, and creating domestic jobs.

The DOE has also made significant investment for the development of wind power technologies as an effort to make the US position more strong in the global wind market. DOE has a huge expectation from this wind energy plan as they consider wind energy competent enough to effectively compete with the retail electricity rates. Moreover, other expected benefits associated with this plan include lowered natural gas consumption, and increase in annual employment rate due to requirement of personnel to support construction, working and proper maintenance of wind turbines.

Actually, a number of factors decide the cost of energy generated over the defined life of a project. As far as economies related with the offshore wind turbines is concerned, the fact is that initial investment cost for offshore wind power has increased by 55% between the years 2005-07. Also, there are a number of accessibility issues related to the operation & maintenance of offshore wind turbines that leads to an overall increase in the corresponding cost. Electricity generated from wind turbines therefore remains more expensive than that obtainable from conventional electric plants.

Eminent Author Discuses the Concept in his Renewable Energy Book
In order to attain energy independence, its necessary to formulate and implement a common sense plan. A good news is that you can find this efficient plan in a book on renewable energy named “Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan”. This renewable energy data book has been expertly written by renowned author Brad Linscott. In this book, the author has discussed the various aspects related with use of renewable sources of energy.

You can also find systematic comparisons between renewable, nuclear & fossil fuels relative to their economy. The author has also described the impending energy problems faced by the US in this book. You can get the book from Amazon or from the site of Tate Publishers.