Thursday, 20 March 2014

A Best Selling Book on Renewable Energy Written by Expert Author

Brad Linscott's renewable energy data book “Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan”gives an excellent understanding to the users about renewable energy sources like wind, biofuels, hydro-power solar, and geothermal energy. This unique book on renewable energy provides loads of info about the renewable energy concept that is not available in wind energy books, biofuels books available in market these days.

In his renewable energy data book, Brad also explains the better energy options for the citizens of the US. Brad had to conduct exhaustive research for framing the content of this book. A lot of facts related to renewable energy given in the book may even take you by surprise. During his research work, Brad also devised a five-point energy plan that could have been implemented easily by Government administrations.

Brad's focus was solely on getting the sustainable energy model that would set us free from depending on foreign oil imports while preserving the environment at the same time. Using his 40 years of Aerospace engineering experience, Brad also formulated a comprehensive energy plan for the future. He has explained the complicated energy topic in such a manner that allows readers easily know about the energy crisis that we face today.

The author stresses on changing the current energy policy as the US DOE has simply narrowed focus on renewable energy which is not a good sign in terms of economy & efficiency. You can purchase this book from the online retailer Amazon or can even visit the site of Tate Publishers to get a copy of the same.

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