Thursday, 30 January 2014

Buy Enlightening Book on Renewable Energy Online

Renewable energy has played a crucial role in accounting for the soaring energy needs of the US. Figures show that in 2011 renewable energy contributed to 11.7% of total energy production in the US while in 2012, it accounted for 13.2% of domestically generated electricity. In 2010, hydroelectric power accounted for 60.2% of the US total renewable power. Currently, the US ranks fourth in the world as one of the largest hydroelectricity producers.

Similarly, wind power has also been wisely utilized in the US as it has some of the largest wind farms with capacities ranging from 551 MW to 1320 MW. The US Department of Energy has envisioned that wind power may account for 20% of the US electricity. This would further call for adding more transmission lines to draw power from windy states to other states in the US. To tap the maximum out of solar energy, many solar power plants are still under construction in the state of California. Similarly, Arizona is not far behind with its optimum solar power harnessing initiative.

Such reliance of the US on renewable energy sources has actually proved helpful to cater to their growing energy needs. A full explanation on this is available in the book on renewable energy named “Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan”. In this renewable energy data book, author Brad Linscott discusses the multiple energy problems encountered by the US and the scope of renewable energy to tackle these problems. This informative book is available for purchase from Tate Publishing and Amazon.

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