Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Renewable Energy Book Written by Expert Author is Available Online

Everyone should be aware of the energy reserves present on the earth. Besides the non-renewable energy sources like oil, petroleum and gas; several renewable energy sources like geothermal, wind, solar etc., are available that have decreased our reliance on fossil fuels to a good extent. Also referred as the clean energy technology, these renewable resources have though served well as the alternatives for fossil fuels but a variety of issues have prevented these sources from being the ultimate viable solution for global energy requirements.

The motive behind looking for substitutes for fossil fuels is not just to prevent them from getting dried up, but also to put a brake on the ill-effects of these non-renewable energy sources. Burning of fossil fuels has created adverse impact on the environment such as global warming. Comparatively, using renewable energy sources has not brought any adverse effect on the environment so far, with the exception of biofuels. A better understanding of this subject can be had from a book on renewable energy that explains the impending energy problems and the renewable energy options available.

Unlike biofuels book or a solar energy book, it covers all renewable energy sources in detail, besides comparisons between nuclear, renewable and fossil fuels. In this book Renewable Energy: A Common Sense Energy Plan written by Brad Linscott, you will also get valuable information about the existing energy crisis. Further, it also explains the measures taken by the US to counter this crucial subject so far. This unique book is available for digital download and can also be purchased from the website of Tate Publishing.

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